This short post in support of the Chartered College of Teaching and #teacher5aday is built around a number of premises

No teacher wants to be doing the wrong thing.
We want to #notice and #learn throughout our careers
No teacher has all the time in the world to find out what the ‘right’ things might be.
We need time and space to #connect with others through ongoing career development and learning
No teacher enjoys uncertainty regarding their role in the life chances of children.
Being able to #volunteer to support one another in professional learning, through Chartered College of Teaching mentoring or regional hubs will be beneficial for all.

We often hear about how teachers in other countries can enjoy more non-contact time, more CPD time and more time to plan, mark and review – and of course we become misty-eyed (with desperate envy) at the thought. And we often think back to the days at the start of our careers when we were full of energy – even if quickly exhausted – and enthusiasm and crazy commitment and determination to make the world a better place just through the power of our lessons on apostrophes and semi-colons.

What these situations have in common is the feeling, the fear, that we might not be doing as well as we could, or should or would if the conditions were all in our favour. But let’s face facts: the conditions are what they are, and they are beyond our control.

As members of the teaching profession we have to come to terms with feelings of failure and inadequacy as well as the joys of our successes and our pupils’ achievements. We have to balance work and life. We have to keep up with developing professional knowledge. We have to constantly refresh our own studies and develop our skills.

The Chartered College of Teaching will strive to help us – and create the conditions for us to help ourselves and each other. One of its main aims in these early days is to enable our professional development through access to on-going learning. None of us wants to be doing the wrong thing, or has all the time in the world to check out the latest thinking on the ‘right’ thing – but what if the Chartered College can help us with that?

There is a number of ways that the CCT can support us in this learning that needn’t be too burdensome in terms of time and energy given the demands of workload and the ever-changing needs of different contexts:
Members now have access to a number of academic journals
The CCT is also planning a series of research digests, shorter summaries of research giving the ‘cut to the chase’ essentials
The College is establishing links with organisations like the Education Endowment Foundation which offers opportunities for schools to take part in and receive the results of educational research projects
Through the website, blogs, newsletters and events, the College will also enable our access to leading educational debaters, academics and organisations.

At the launch conferences earlier in the spring, College members debated a number of topics relating to the uses of ‘research’ and ‘evidence’ including-
Why should teachers be evidence informed?
What is the relevance of evidence to classroom practice?
What advice do you have for teachers engaging with evidence?
How can the Chartered College of Teaching help?

More importantly, though, the CCT will create a community of connected professionals, organise regional hubs and events and develop teachers’ ownership of the profession, so please #builditwithus